American black duck (Anas rubripes)


American black duck (Anas rubripes)

American black ducks are large dabbling ducks, these are similar to mallards in size and as well as look like female mallards but in fact, their feathers are darker in color these ducks belong to eastern North America.

These are now becoming rare to find ducks because of their hybridization with mallards.

Size and shape

These are large size ducks having rounded head, thick bill and bulky body, these weigh approx 1.59 to 3.62 lb, male’s beak is yellow while female’s beak is dull green.

Males are darker in color and females are pale.

American Black Duck Call:

Behavior and habitat

These ducks like to live in saline marshes, eastern wetlands, as well as like freshwater pods during migration in winter, these feed on aquatic plants, invertebrates and occasionally on small fishes also eat corn and grains in agriculture fields these fly in flocks with gadwalls and mallards.

American Black Duck
                    American Black Duck

These are game birds from ages, Although this is a species of least concern it is slowly decreasing due to the destruction of habitat and man-made habitat is forcing these to hybridize with mallards this is also a problem that decreases the pure population of American black ducks.