Badlands Summit Hunting Pack Review


Badlands Summit Hunting Pack Review

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Every hunter needs a backpack to carry her/his hunting gears, easy to cover long distance trip comfortably. Badlands Summit Hunting Pack is a best suitable lightweight backpack. It can cover all key prerequisite of a hunter for a hunting trip. We will discuss and review Badlands Summit Hunting Pack carefully. So every specification, pros, and cons can be covered in the review. We research different review providers, get information from an expert who tested this Badlands Summit Hunting Pack in the field. By keeping backpack features and cons in mind, we tested it accordingly and shared our Badlands Summit Hunting Pack review result with you.

Every backpack has some pros and some cons. You can not find any backpack which has only pros. How we select a bag, one who qualify maximum features with minimum cons. Badlands Summit Hunting Pack fulfil all qualities mentioned below. It is the revised version of the Badlands 4500.

  • Material
  • Technology
  • Easy to use
  • Big size
  • lightweight
  • Every Weather Condition
  • Carry Arms/Bow
  • Extra’s

Let’s discuss material that is employed in Badlands Summit Hunting Pack. Badlands is using 900 Denier Ripstop UL Fabric. Ripstop fabrics are woven fabrics, It is often made of with nylon, by using a special reinforcing treatment that makes fabrics resistant to tearing and ripping. Ripstop fabrics are durable, quiet and waterproof. It is Ripstop who makes Badlands Sumit favourable in all weather condition.lightweight and thin ripstop fabrics have a 3-dimensional structure due to its thicker threads being interwoven into more fine cloth.

lightweight RipStop Fabric
RipStop Fabric

Badlands Summit Hunting Pack is using is using AirTrack™ Suspension in its backpacks. This is  Suspension mostly used by Badlands. It helps in Cooling your pack. It has big zippers so you can open and close backpacks with the gloves as well. It is designed to provide easiness to the hunter. A hunter who covers a lot of distance does not want any difficulty in the backpack.

Size to Weight Ratio

Badlands Summit Hunting Pack is big enough to carry all required hunting gears. Yet lightweight than other hunting backpack brands. It is lightweight than Alps OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus whose size is smaller than Badlands Summit but the weight is higher than Badlands. Badlands Summit Hunting Pack Total Volume is 5400 CI and weight is 6LB 1OZ while Alps OutdoorZ Commander total size is 5250 and weight are 7.5 LB. Comparing with more hunting backpacks Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack size is 2150 and weight are 6.7 Lb. It is best hunting backpack for hunters. It is the best option with respect to its Size to weight ratio. If you need small size then Badlands Sacrifice Backpack is the best option with total volume of 3400 and weight is 3.8 LB.

It also carries your hunting firearms or hunting bow. It means your all gear can fit in this Badlands Summit Hunting Pack. It has 7 pockets with a large main container of volume 3240 CI. It comes in two sizes, Medium and Full. Medium size fits torso length 18″-21″ and Full size fits torso length 21″-24″.It has an anatomically shaped waist belt, and load-lifting shoulder straps for the ultimate comfortable carry and fit

Badlands Summit Hunting Pack also comply with the weather conditions. Its RipStop fabric is durable in all condition. In rainy condition, its fabric is waterproof or water resistant. Fabric does not allow water to the inner side. It is best suitable for the hunter in the Western World. It also has some extra features. In this Badlands Summit hunting backpack, you can carry up to 3 litres of water with its 3-litre water reservoir.

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Carry Arms/Bow
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