Berkley Lightning Rod Review


Enhance your fishing experience with Berkley lightning rod

When we think of outdoor activities, we usually have an image of a lot of running and physical exertion in mind. That might put you off about the whole idea entirely. If you are one of those cool and calm people who like to enjoy their time out in the sun with some quiet and peaceful surroundings and a light and cool breeze, then there are some outdoor activities for you as well. You don’t have to let go of this side of yours because what you can do is you can go out and enjoy your time in the water while fishing. Yes, fishing is a great outdoor activity that does not require much of physical exertion, but you can have a great time while you are at it. These are yet some other cases where people do enjoy the experience of fishing, but their experience is hampered because of the low quality of fishing rods commonly available in the market. Those who are into fishing for a very long time and have the required know how of the correct equipment would easily be able to tell you that not all the fishing rods available in the market today are worth your money. They will just add to your worries while you are out fishing and you certainly do not want that.  The people who go out for fishing regularly are aware of the fact that there are some specific characteristics that need to be just right on your fishing rod. Not only does it ease your entire experience but it also gets you some good fish to go back home with. You can gain a lot from a good Rod whereas the wrong fishing rod can ruin your whole day. Luckily Berkley has come with a magnificent fishing rod that suits all sorts of needs you might have while looking for a fishing rod. The Berkley lightning rod takes you on such a remarkable and unforgettable journey that you never want to stop fishing. It is so smooth and effortless yet so efficient and rewarding. It is the ultimate delight for all fishing lovers.

There are numerous advantages to the Berkley lightning rod

This fishing rod is just jam packed with advantages and benefits that will always come in handy for you. Let’s begin with the purpose it is made for which is fishing. It is a complete action rod. It is extremely fast and very efficient. You will not have to worry about not scoring any fish if you are taking this lightning rod along with you. It completely fulfils the purpose of its creation which is why it is a favorite among all fishing lovers. Now we can move on to your comfort. It is extremely important because you are out there to have fun and enjoy your time in the water. You are not there to be exhausted and fatigued. Well with the lightning rod you don’t need to worry about it because it is so good at what it does that you won’t have to exert much. On top of that, it is so easy to handle that you will not be discomforted even for a minute. Another sort of comfort it provides is the comfort of not having to run to the store now and then to buy a new fishing rod because the previous one broke. The Berkley lightning rod is made of high-quality material which makes it quite durable. It will last you a considerably long time, and you can easily make a lot of fishing trips with your favourite fishing rod. It goes without saying that it will score you a lot of fish.

Completely worth your money

Now that we have these facts established that it is an active fishing rod, it takes care of your comfort and is significantly high quality let’s move on to other things it can do. It is not necessary that you need to spend large sums of money to fulfil your desire of outdoor activities. The real fun is in spending less and gaining more out of it. The Berkley lightning rod fits perfectly under this description. Not only is it completely worth your money but it will not cost you much. This means you can get your money’s worth when you don’t even have to spend a lot of it just on a fishing rod. With this, you can enjoy your fishing experience without burdening your bank account.

Coming to the specifics

Let’s explore the specific features of this rod to learn more about it and to see what makes it so great. This lightning rod has been paired up with Shakespeare 5bb Catera. They both work out well together. They are quite easily held in hand and have a nice grip. You will not have to put in much effort to get a strong grip on it. The rod’s cork grip has a bit of foam rubber grip, and it is also a little contoured to the hand. Over all, it is quite comfortable to hold and very easily controllable. The lightning rod casts quite well. It is firm enough for you not having to whip the lure past the target. Once you have got down the casting curve, it is reliable. You will see the flex yourself while swinging towards the fences. The graphite in the rod responds well when you feel it. It is almost as if the fish is eye balling while you lure. It is advised that you retrieve the rod when it is at a right angle to your waist. You will feel the strike crisp and quick. If you snap up the tip at that time along with the rod flex, you will be able to either set the hook or know that it was nothing but a bump of your lure. The Berkley lightning rod is quick with hook sets.

More reasons to love the Berkley lightning rod

The lightning rod has a great way in which it lands the fish. It works quite well even under a lot of load with a fine bend on the Rod. It is nice and stiff which gives you the edge with all sort of tough fish. All of those who love spending time on the water for fishing should try it out because it will blow you away in all regards. It is a very good steal for the amount of money it costs, and it is a very good all-rounder Rod.