Best Cellular Trail Cameras Reviews


Best Cellular Trail Cameras Reviews

Every Deer hunter needs trails cameras for the tracking of their hunt.Regular trail Cameras comes with standard functionality; this can alert your animal in the area. After investing money and giving time for your hunt; in response, you got warned animal in the scented area is not good for your hunt. To avoid the risk of your quest; you need to buy wireless or cellular trails camera, designed with an inbuilt transmitter that sends pics to your cell phone directly without physically visiting the scented area.

Wireless and Cellular game trail cameras are good for both; property surveillance and hunting.When trail camera detects an activity; it will alert you in real time via your laptop and cellular phone respectively. It is a natural, fast, reliable and modern technique of surveilling or tracking your hunt. It also sends you trails photos via email.

It is a little bit different in Wireless and Cellular trail cameras. Wireless trail camera sends trail photos with the help of wifi hotspot technology while the cellular trail camera works with the collaboration of the cellular network via email or MMS. The result of both; Wireless and Cellular trail camera is same. They both do not disturb or alert your hunt in the respective scented area.


There are a lot of Wireless and Cellular trail camera varieties available in the market. It is difficult for user/ hunter to choose the right Wireless or Cellular Trail Camera for the Property Surveillance or hunting. We, from the Professional Hunting Gears, Will discuss and compare functionalities of different Wireless and trail Cameras available in the market. So, everyone can easily buy Best Cellular Trail Cameras according to its required condition.Here are few Best Cellular Trail Cameras.

  1. Covert Special Ops Code Black

Covert Special Ops Code Black Cellular and Wireless Trail Camera

Covert Scouting Camera Code Black 12.1 and 3G Code Black, both use the approved and leading Cellular network from the AT & T. This brand new concept of the wireless cellular trail camera can send emails, text or both in the covert Wireless cellular mobile app. It has a web portal with improved functionality of apps. Code Black also can retrieve the high-resolution images.Furthermore, It enhanced the night vision by adding more leds in it.It has almost 60 invisible led’s.

Defining its Key features of this best rated Wireless Cellular camera.Its dimension is 5.87″ x 2.85″. It has a field view of 52 degrees. It has 65-second trigger speed with the flash range of 100-foot. Its flash is invisible to the eye.Due to invisible flashlight technology; it has added more led’s in it so that camera cannot compromise the picture quality at the night time.Furthermore, It uses 12 AA batteries for long lasting, and it has the capability of burst image capturing with maximum silence image capture technology so that animals do not alert. The covert Wireless web portal can be accessed from anywhere, i.e., mobile, tablet, and computer. Its Cell cam series provides its advanced machine to machine M2M Communication via Covert Web Portal.

It can also measure time, date, temperature and moon phase. Which can be shown on its 2″ full-color screen. It has 32 GB sd with it for backup and image restoration. This Code Black best rated wireless cellular trail camera can also be reinforced on the tripod mount.

It’s At&T subscription charges start from monthly 3.99$ of 100 pictures to 34.99$ Quarterly of 34,000 pictures with 30 days access to cloud storage and Web portal access in all packages.Its web portal supported both iPhone and Android smartphone. Its price is almost 400 USD with an average rating of 3.9 to 4.2.

  • HCO Spartan GoCam 

The HCO Spartan GoCam cellular trail camera is most advanced cellular trail camera available in the market. It is almost equivalent to Covert code black with the extra Certified provider. HCO Spartan GoCam is sold by Verizon, At&T and US Cellular Configurations. AT&T and Verizon are renowned companies in the trail Camera field. Best thing in HCO Spartan GoCam trail camera is, you can choose one of three service provider concerning coverage in your area while in Covert Code Black you were relying on single service provider AT&T. It provides high-resolution images, and it has Infrared IR Flash for the night time photography.

  • Moultrie® Mini Game Camera A-20

The Moultrie® miniature camera A-20, item model number MCG-13129, is a better yet smaller version of the terrific selling A-5 camera. This new version has a hardy and hard-wearing small case and 12 MP (megapixels) for increased image resolution with superb detail. The quick trigger speed happens in less than 1 minute with a 50-foot assortment of detection. Better than its predecessor, the A-5, this inexpensive camera with its high-performance quality vibrant color images during daylight has the capability to offer you infrared (IR) images in a very long distance in the dark which are white and black.

The challenging outside case that resists harsh weather is standard. The LCD is easy to see, and it runs on 8 per AA batteries for 16,000 images at your searching location, home, or business. The infrared flash has 32 LEDs with 850 nm (nanometers) the wavelength of the light in the night dusk to dawn infrared technologies at 50-feet in the camera. You can take single shots or many shots as well as both resolution settings are low (1600x1200px) and large (4000x3000px) with catch of 4:3 aspect ratio movie in 480px. The maximum delay choices between photographs are 0-, 15-, and 30-seconds, and 1-, 5-minutes. See more in the directions.

You can execute tree mounting with the 1/4-20 bottom tripod mounts and slots in the back.

The trail camera works with SD/SDHC Class 4 cards and can manage up to 32 GB; memory cards are sold individually. If you use lithium-ion batteries, you’ll have more battery life when in severe weather. If this camera detects that the battery level is 15 percent or under, the Low Battery display will appear and the camera will turn off automatically.

  • Browning Recon Force FHD

The camouflage design makes this game camera effortless to hide out, and also, it includes a durable structure that can withstand almost anything. You will love how clear your pictures come out thanks to its 10 megapixels, and as this camera has anti-blur technologies, it’s the best option to hang over a game course. It will capture moving pictures with no problems, and you will see once and for all what sort of game animals are traveling up and down the road.

You have the benefit of this .067 second trigger rate, which implies very little will get by this camera. Since the trail camera can take pictures one after the other, you do not need to worry about missing some of the activity. The 10 megapixels also let you make HD movie, which is always a benefit. The time lapse function enables you to set the camera to take shots automatically and using a 100-foot range this camera can capture almost anything in the region. Connect the camera to nearly any HD TV and see your movies on the “large” screen, and discuss your favorite hunting memories with anybody who wishes to see them.