Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knives 2017-2018

Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knives

Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knives 2017-2018

The thought that a fixed blade knife can be a family heirloom isn’t out of the question, if the quality of the knife matches the upkeep of the users it’s passed along to. An amazing fixed blade hunting knife hasn’t only an excellent high-quality blade but a handle which makes wielding it a joy. A bad handle can definitely ruin the best of blades because you get rid of control, grip, and in the worst case situation wind up injuring yourself. The majority of the blades on the list are durable, even the lower priced ones, as durability is currently something that seldom questions with the way blades are manufactured nowadays. In the current age, it’s more about comparing their caliber to one another, as opposed to individually.

Some lesser-known business names make the list also, and it is great to see that using a fantastic product even the smaller businesses have a presence. There will be some heartfelt favorites on the list for certain, as the best-fixed blade hunting knife is obviously going to be an open discussion. Below is an accumulated list of some of the finest on the marketplace, where any inquisitive user can create their mind about what the best purchase is.

Below you will see a comparison matrix showing some of the best best-selling hunting knives, and you can use this manual to discover the model that’s ideal for you.

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Serrated Knife

It is no doubt Bear Grylls is a survivor, and if he awakened with Gerber, they put out a damn great knife! This is one of the more recent knives I have gotten my hands on and I can honestly say it is pretty decent for the money. It features a molded rubber grip, a saw ground black blade, a fire starter and diamond sharpener in addition to a whistle. Its entire length is 10″ and it weighs approximately 11.2 oz. Even though the knife was made in China, I still think it is a great one to have in your collection. That it arrived with a fire starter and sharpener were sufficient to get me from the fence.

Puma Skinner Stag Handle

Starting off with the Puma Skinner Stag Handle is a fantastic alternative, with its 4.7-inch blade with a 55-57 Rockwell hardness it steps out in a whole 9.4 inches and is quite durable. Also pretty to look at, the stag scales on the handle are extremely comfortable to the grip in long sessions, with the durable blade being shaped from 440A German-made steel. This quality fixed knife blade has a vegetable tanned leather sheath with a brown aniline finish, a complete compliment to the blade itself. If all of this sounds good to the ears, it looks and feels much better than some of the pictures could warrant.

This is a small, light knife weighing only 5.4 oz but still able to have a good beating. All of the mentioned substances are of high quality and all at a low and reasonable cost. There are far more respected fixed knives inside Puma’s brand, but this one is definitely one of the better looking yet practical ones, and it won’t break the bank. This is an amazing fixed knife hunting blade to have with you, irrespective of the situation and is a decent choice as best fixed blade hunting knife.

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Review

Not only does this knife look the part, it behaves it as well. Among those best-hunting knives now available on the marketplace, with excellent features. If you’re looking for a really ultimate survival, hunting, and camping blade, then you can not go wrong with the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion.

So far as looks go, this is hot. The handle consists of Grivory, and gives a firm grip, feeling strong and heavy in the hand, very reassuring. Apparently, the main part is that the blade and this blade is a doozy. A 1095 cro-van steel blade which keeps it edge for more than most, it is a thick, high quality fixed blade, that is not likely to split or split from the handle. The steel itself feels solid, and there is no motion of the blade in the handle, however, demanding the job is that you place the knife too. In a quarter inch thick, it is a monster of a blade. The blade itself is five and a half inches, a drop point shape, using a twenty-degree angle, which makes it perfect for whatever you need to do. It’s by far among the best hunting knives you can get, given its flexibility and severe sharpness.

Fallkniven NL4 Leather Handle Plain Leather Sheath

The amazing 5.12 simple blade is made of laminated VG10 steel and retains its edge better than any knife on this listing. The handle itself is superior brown leather that feels as good as it seems, and is the best companion to the unbelievable handiness of this blade. Fallkniven made it a point to signify quality with this item and added an amazing leather sheath, one which was befitting to this fixed blade as an ideal companion. So far as knife and sheath combos, the top the list without a doubt goes to Fallkniven.

But also among the priciest on the list, with a cost that may scare away lots of the customers interested in a long-term purchase. The materials are so top notch which they’ll last for decades, and Fallkniven is a safe bet for a company when promising materials. Whether the avid outdoors man wishes to drop this sort of coin on his fixed blade is just another story, but there’s no denying that this remains among the best fixed blade hunting knives on the listing.

Buck Knives 119 Review

Shipped to you with a reliable Buck Forever guarantee, the US-made Buck Knives 119 boasts a sizable six-inch clip blade made of 420HC steel to guarantee outstanding strength and more retention of its sharp edge, so that you won’t be cutting using a blunt knife during those most crucial hunting applications. This strong fixed blade knife is designed for outside use, providing you with an effective cutting tool which does not have weak joints or parts that may make the blade incapable of doing its job.

Lightweight yet substantial at 7.5 ounces, this knife will make easy carrying in a knife holder onto your belt so you’ve got easy access to it consistently. The genuine leather sheath included in the bundle enables secure and secure portability in a bag or on your belt.

The black phenolic handle has an aluminum pommel / shield which you can use for easy hammering and driving software.

Benchmade 15016-2 Hidden Canyon Hunter

Going from the maximum price to more of a moderate cost, the 2.67 inch blade of this Benchmade 15016-2 Hidden Canyon Hunter is nothing to sneeze at and is 0.140 thick to boot, for good durability. Total length of the entire knife is 6.32 inches, so it’s small but nevertheless quite the workhouse with its altered clip-point blade made from CPM-S30V premium stainless steel. Even modest, with the way that it feels in the hand and how thick it is, it is pretty mild and weighs 3.2 oz overall. The sheath is a well-made and intriguing pressure match leather, which existing Kydex users will appreciate if making the switch.

This fixed knife will last quite a long time, and keep sharp too. Works well by itself or as a companion knife of the exact same quality, without breaking the bank. A drawback for those not used to it is that the knife sits horizontally in the sheath on a belt attachment, and might take getting used to.

ESEE Knives LSP Laser Strike

This 10 inch fixed blade knife out of ESEE is among the best on the list, hitting nearly 10 oz in total weight. The 4.75 inch blade is 1095 carbon steel with a fairly black powder finish with jimping on the lower spine and indicator choil on the front. This is a genuine stay sharp blade that will not let you down in a pinch, using an included high class Kydex sheath. The handle is made from Micarta, both comfortable and rugged, and meant for long-term usage. An included washer piece makes it possible for the removing of the grey canvas Micarta scales, for additional customization.

Characteristics are plenty on this one, and within the grips user will find magnesium/ferro pole and tinder tabs. The sheath is at least as useful as the knife, and contains a flexible sheath tensioner, paracord lanyard with lock and ambidextrous clip plate. The ESEE Knives LSP Laser Strike is an interesting fixed blade knife as it looks great and works even better than it seems. Users will probably be pleasantly surprised by how useful this fixed blade is when using it in even the most adverse of conditions.

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion

A name on a lot of lists which does not get mentioned enough are Ka-Bar blades, and with the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion as their represented fixed blade knife on this list, it is a bit of a mystery why. This is a slick knife with an even greater blade, made of 1095 cro-van steel and measuring 5.5 inches long. The complete length of the blade is 10.5 inches, so this blade is all about the company. The handle is made from Grivory substance and holds up well from the relaxation tests. They provide a limited lifetime guarantee for something that’s very underrated and very well priced.

The only downside to this deal is that the nylon sheath, which can be glass-filled, but nevertheless nylon. The blade, in addition to the handle, still stay top notch, and a little bit of standout as it retains its edge very well. It’s 1/4 thick and as a plus was created by professional outdoorsman Ethan Becker. This is a very well made product that receives a top recommendation among the best fixed blade hunting knives on the listing.