Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Coleman 8 Person Instant Family Tent

When holidays are around the corner, we advocate going for outside on holidays with our nearest and dearest. What else could be better than going on camping? Your camping dream can’t be fulfilled without a camping tent. With no camping tent, you wouldn’t be able to stay over on different places and get the real thrill of camping. The best solution for this is the immediate tent for camping. The immediate tent as the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent implies is extremely fast to assemble and disassemble. There are several good reasons why should purchase an immediate tent to make awesome memories with your family on vacations.

This Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent has various desirable features. So hold on to discover why to purchase this specific immediate tent from the long list of available choices. I’d first list out the features of the instant tent.

Features of the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Coleman has been a trendsetter in the area of outdoor recreational products. It’s been trusted most by the users due to its specialization and high-quality products. The standard of the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is no exception. It provides the best overall experience concerning meeting the demands of a fantastic camping tent.

The Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is an 8 person capacity tent with the measurements as 10.3 inches x 48 inches x 10.9 inches. This camping tent weighs about 36.3 pounds. This may be used for family camping. It is made up of 2 doors. The size concerning height is 14 inches x 10 inches with a floor area as 140. The rod material is of steel type and the cloth is 150 Denier in weight.

Coleman is known for its exclusive weather security system with the most recent technology. It’s weather resistant PU Coated polyester materials for waterproofing. The inverted welded floor is also has protected seams that do not allow in the water and hides the needle holes within the tent. This system also enables the zippered security in which the zipper guard can protect the immediate tent from the components to the doorway.

The immediate tent includes a very powerful 150 Denier material. These fabrics are highly water resistant and are used for walls and fly of the tent. They’re intended for the heavy-use program. The 150D material is significantly stronger in comparison to others and has more life under UV exposures.

They are simple in construction and the rods can be flexed within the cloth cover; thus, forming a secure and a rigid tent. The dome shape also supplies the high strength of 3 rods and is simple to pitch. So in all, they’re more convenient and fast to process the tent.

To give more meals for thought, I want to reveal all of the merits and demerits of owning this instant tent. It would enable you to decide and choose the best one for your incredible camping experience.


  • Affordable price: An instantaneous camping tent in itself saves a whole lot of cash of booking hotels or cottages in your journey. With this tent, you can find and relocate yourself to an assortment of areas like beaches, jungles, parks, etc. All of them at this price is extremely fair to the buyers.
  • Quick procedure: Setting the immediate tent is the matter of moments. It is fairly easy to assemble and disassemble. It is easy to browse the steps in the manual supplied. Two people can very easily set this tent up with no hassles.
  • Additional user comfort: The immediate tent was created with comfort as the top priority. It provides ample room to make it comfortable. It is extremely spacious, which would allow you to enjoy yourself with all of your nearest and dearest together.
  • The exceptional design: The immediate tent is superbly engineered with higher precision. It contains 2 7 and doors windows for good ventilation. It also contains removable divider between the chambers, which lets you pick the privacy as an alternative. It’s available in brown, black and blue colors to give you more options. The dome shape makes it comfortable for all individuals too.
  • Quite heavy to manage: As every advantage comes at a certain cost, the huge size ended up being thick. It’s quite powerful with robust sticks and thus it isn’t easy to carry by a few people. Additionally, it requires more people to build, as the only single person can’t make this tent immediately.
  • With no rainfly: The Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent doesn’t include a different rainfly. A rainfly is another sheet or cover, which would not enable the water in. Additionally, it protects from wind and rain. Despite the fact that the rainfly is absent, the substance manages these functions.
  • Flimsy joints and sticks: The hinges on the thighs are found as a minus point. The poles are little flimsy and slide off even throughout the gentle breeze. The guy lines are expected to stake down the tent.

The benefits of purchasing this Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent surely overweigh the advantages. And the cons are very manageable. The Instant Tent is strong sturdy concerning the material. It’s quite spacious to accommodate your family comfortably. It offers you protection from various weather conditions. It’s quite fast in setting up and twisting up the tent on your picnic area. It will give you protection against the UV exposures and acid rains because of its unbelievable fabric material. However, the immediate tent is getting heavy to carry and setup. Aside from that, it’s the best form of camping tent available on the current market, which you ought not to resist buying.