ESEE laser strike review

ESEE laser strike review

An insight on what ESEE laser strike has in store for you

ESEE Laser Strike began as a knife for TOPS brand which was years ago but then later on ESEE started their production process.  So to begin with I would like to clarify that I am a big proponent of ESEE because they have some of the best knives for survival on the market and their prices are quite affordable too. Speaking particularly about the ESEE Laser Strike I would like to say that it is a true survival knife to the core. It is equipped with everything you need to have a survival knife including some hidden features which are best suited for your survival.

When we speak of survival knives you might get the idea of a Rambo-styled knife which has things on the handle. You need to know that is the absolute basic and there is much more than a survival knife can hold an offer. In this ESEE Laser Strike review, you will learn how this knife is the ultimate survival knife and makes all the rest of them look basic. Only a few such knives available in the market with hollow handles are actually good enough for use while the rest of them are a disappointment. The general rule might be the cheaper the knife the more chances it has to break but this is definitely not the case when we speak of the ESEE laser strike.

It is one of the top five survival knives available in the market that I would actually suggest. It has a hollow handle which makes it a definite recommendation from my side but there is still more to that and a whole theory behind the whole hollow handle science. See most knives with hollow handle have two classes. One of them is where the blade is bolted where the hilt is nearer to the handle. The other class is in which the whole knife is made of one piece of steel. This class is generally the stronger class. The catch here is that they will be as strong as the steel which is used in them so if the quality of steel used for them is cheap they will have more chances of becoming useless quite quickly. The ESEE laser strike is a whole other class of its own. This survival knife is basically a full tang and has a small slot which is cut right in the handle. The ability of the creators can be seen with the slot they have created in the handle of the blade. It runs the full length of the handle right beneath the slabs.  Like this was not enough, they have gone on to cut slots in the underside of the slabs too. Now when you assemble the knife with the slabs what happens is that it creates a cavity which is small and it allows you to have some hidden tools.

Every survival knife for me needs to have some basic must-have items in order to make the knife worth you money simply so it can help with better survival. This knife is definitely blessed with some core survival features. It has a Ferro rod along with magnesium as well as two tabs of tinder-quick fire. Now the Ferro rod and magnesium feature are very useful in order to make fire. The Ferro rod throws an extremely hot spark whereas the magnesium helps to catch this spark while igniting the fire bundle ablaze.  What you do here is that you cut various small pieces off of the magnesium and then add those to your clutter of materials which is usually called a nest. Now when the spark for Ferro rod is launched in the nest what it does is it ignites and also burns right away given you have done it correctly. We do need to understand that Ferro rod is not a good option when compared to a lighter in terms of the speed of making fire. But on the bright side, Ferro rods don’t come with any of the baggage that is attached t lighters generally. With a lighter, there is always a possibility that they might break or they might run short of fuel. They can even explode and they don’t even work if they get wet. While a Ferro rod will definitely work even if it is completely soaked and it will not let you down even once. This is mainly the reason they are considered to be so precious by people who are into survival gadgets and outdoor activities.

Moving on to other wonders of the ESEE Laser Strike knife, if you do not want to take out the Ferro rod just yet the laser strike is equipped with Micarta as well. Micarta can be used for conducting fire bow drills. Instead of utilizing a piece of paper or a rock and then carving a divot into them what you can do is just simply make use of the weight of the handle as well as the supplied divot. This will allow for you to put some weight on the fire bow drill and then start a fire. This concludes that the knife can provide us with two ways to help make fire. How great is that? I’m sure you’re getting excited by now.

Coming towards to construction of the structure of the ESEE Laser strike we learn here that the slabs on the laser strike are held with some flat screws. Now generally I would not be the one suggesting flat screws on a survival knife but in this case, their placement has been done in an absolute fine manner and they hold on very firmly. The idea behind this is that you will need some quick action if you are reaching out for your survival tools in the knife now imagine a silly little screw blocking your way while you’re at it. That won’t help that much so in order to avoid that the flat screws are a very smart choice. In the end, I would just like you all to know that if you have been looking for a true and efficient survival knife for a while now I should tell you that you can stop. ESEE Laser Strike is the thing you need if you are a fan of such survival knives. It gives you the experience and taste of a fine little knife. It is equipped with some of the best tools and supplies out there which you might not find in a lot of other knives. It is not only a safe investment rather it is absolutely deserving of your money. The ESEE laser strike is a pure delight.

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