Tactical Hunting Backpacks Reviews


Tactical hunting backpacks have lately been doing the rounds. The variety of tactical hunting backpacks available in the market is quite huge. It would not be surprising if most of us just simply went for the cheaper option or just the one for which we had to pay the least. What we do not realize is that this might not always be the best option because we might just be compromising on the quality. However, there might just be some options out there for which you will not have to pay much, but they are still good regarding quality. Before we dig deep into the best tactical hunting backpacks, we must know some basic features a good tactical backpack must have. First of all the design is better to be rugged and rough, probably the military look. The coating must be water resistant because you do not want to carry a soaked backpack through your adventures in the wilderness. Durability is an absolute must along with an adjustable and flexible functionality. One doesn’t realize the difference is having a tactical backpack can make during your outdoor adventures unless we start using one. Something that must be taken care of is the quality of the backpack because this can matter. These backpacks are multi-functional and can be used for various reasons and purposes.

Reasons why you need a tactical hunting backpack

Before we start listing down some of the best tactical hunting backpacks to choose from it is vital to know what the purpose of a tactical backpack is and what difference is having one can make in your adventures. Now those who use them regularly do so for many reasons one of which is to be prepared for emergencies. These backpacks are also called emergency preparedness backpacks. When you set your foot out for outdoor adventures, you almost never know what you might be facing and what is out there. That is also part of the fun, but you need to be as prepared for an unfortunate accident as you can be. It is where these emergency backpacks come in handy. The rigid quality of the backpack can help you with the extreme environment you might be facing. It can prove to be your bug out bag. The amount of material these bags can carry is also a plus point.

One should not make the mistake of confusing the regular everyday backpack with these tactical hunting backpacks. These backpacks, unlike the others, are specially designed to carry around heavy loads so that the carriers can have easier mobility. These backpacks are mostly used by military men who carry around a lot of items during missions which increase their load, but with the help of tactical hunting backpacks, this is made easier. The backpacks are designed to be light and comfortable. They are much more comfortable to carry around than other heavy backpacks.  This feature is especially reliant on the straps of the backpack which are designed in a manner that makes it easier. The detail about this is that the straps hold firm even despite the weight so instead of the bag moving too much because of the weight it stays firm and does not bother the carrier much while moving.

The backpacks help you carry a large number of items to fit all your possible requirements for the outdoors and don’t put as much burden on you. They can be of great help with these features.


The difference between tactical hunting backpacks and regular hunting backpacks

There are definitely some key features to look out for that draw the line between an ordinary backpack and a tactical hunting backpack.

To begin with, the number of straps on the backpack is quite crucial it might seem basic and not that important but it can really make a difference. A good tactical backpack will have a good amount of straps on it. The reason behind preferring a backpack with multiple straps is that unlike the single strap backpacks these will help in keeping all your equipment in position and will also prevent the bag from swinging unnecessarily while you are on the move. However, a number of straps needs to be just right, too many straps also pose a risk of getting angled or stuck on to things which might also create hindrances.

The material of the backpack is also a key deciding factor. It must preferably be made of Cordura or Ripstop nylon. This basically contributes in the backpack being water resistant so it does not get soaked when it rains or in the case of exposure to any other sort of water. This also makes the bag more durable. One also does not have to worry about tearing the backpack while passing through rough terranes because the nylon makes it more resistant to such circumstances.

We always love some extra loops or some secret pockets and that is exactly what these tactical hunting backpacks provide. This feature comes in handy when we need to stuff some extra stuff to take along because one can never have enough things when going outdoors.

If you are still not clear about choosing just the right to backpack an additional feature that you must look out for is the size of the backpack. Considering the outdoor purpose of this backpack the size is quite crucial. It is not right if it is too big neither is it right if it is too small. The bag needs to be in between. The size should be big enough so that all the necessary items can be fixed in it but getting one which is to bug might hamper the movement and just become an extra burden.

Now let’s have a look at the various tactical hunting backpacks available in the market.


  • Military style Paratus 3v

Paratus 3v tactical hunting backpacks

hunting backpack

If you are planning to go out for some extreme adventures in an extreme environment then this particular tactical backpack is the best choice for you. The factor that makes it so suitable is the material it is made of. To be precise it is made up of 600 denier PVC backed by nylon and finished off with a rugged finish. This not only makes it resistant to the extreme environment but also make it more durable. On top of that, it can be customized according to the requirements of the carrier. It has two MOLLE pouches attached to it as well as two fairly large zippered compartments. It also comes with interior pockets as well as organizers so that you have room to carry some extra equipment. The material also makes it weather resistant. Not only is it weather resistant but also quite spacious. It is a heavy duty backpack. It especially comes in handy for those who are planning to go out on elaborate hiking trips.


  • The mountain top backpack

The mountain top backpack

If you are someone who loves to hike or just to go out for some great adventures, then the mountain top backpack is exactly for you. The adjustable strap on its front side can be used to hang a tripod or even a trekking pole. It does not just end here. The bag is equipped with six straps which are adjustable. These can be brought to use in case you have to hang any select gear or even sleeping bags. The coating of the backpack is of polyester fabric which makes this backpack waterproof. This may come in quite handy while you are out on your adventures.

The backpack comes with a fairly easy zippered access right from the front. This means that the front zipper can be used to access the core compartment of the backpack. The mountain top backpack has been designed keeping your comfort in mind. This is visible in the padding that the backpack comes with. It has been padded in just the right places. Even the shoulder pads, as well as the belt on the hip, has been filled with extra padding to maximize your comfort. While you are carrying the backpack on your back, you will notice that the back of the bag has also been filled with padding so that you do not feel any discomfort in any given scenario. Just like a good tactical backpack the mountain top backpack also comes with numerous pockets so that you can fit in more item into it. The different pockets and compartments also make it easier to organize your things. We all know how important that can be while going out on an adventure.

There is no doubt about the fact that the backpack has been designed quite well. The storage capacity is just right. It is sturdy and waterproof as well. The front zipper can prove to be very convenient. The padding and the storage just add to the convenience.


  • Compact fox outdoor backpack

fox outdoor compact tactical hunting backpacks

The fox outdoor backpack is the perfect example of being compact yet quite handy. It may be not as big as the usual tactical hunting backpacks, but that is exactly what makes it so unique. It fulfills all the prerequisites of a tactical backpack without being as big as them. It might not be made of nylon, but the polyester material used in it is also very durable and sturdy. The design of the fox outdoor backpack is flexible and modular which is what makes the storage more spacious and allows the carrier to carry more items along. An interesting feature about this backpack is its hydration pocket. The purpose of the hydration pocket is to safely store liquids and fluids without fearing their spill.

The design is made in a way that the backpack can be expandable. The top most priority has been given to the comfort of the carrier which is why the backpack also has a stay-cool mesh back. The compact fox outdoor backpack has one major compartment which is the largest. Then there are several mesh accessory pockets at the front. It can be safely said that the backpack is quite durable and provides utmost comfort. The key requirement for every tactical backpack is the straps, and this one right here has efficient straps that keep the bag from unnecessary movement.

Weight shifts are not even an issue here since the bag stays firm in its place. It is a suitable choice for all the hikers as well as adventurers who like spending time in the outdoors.

  • Military grade, direct action backpacks

Direct action Tactical Hunting Backpacks

Direct Action tactical hunting backpacks

This particular backpack has been designed specifically for military personnel and law enforcement agents. It comes in various color options which also include the cameo color. Some provisions, while designing the backpack have also been made keeping in mind the outdoor enthusiasts. The design of the direct action backpack gives a very low profile look which helps in the bleeding in the process of the backpack as a daily use backpack. The patented combat bent working of the direct action backpack is there to provide ease and comfort to the carrier while using it. The contoured foam pattern with the air channels providing an airy mesh speaks comfort in a language that we all understand well.

The combination of these two together is there for the bag to stay off the back of the carrier and help in reducing the burden for them. To top that off there is an internal organizer in the front pocket. It particularly helps in accommodating small essentials, for example, the GPS. The direct action backpack egg has become quite popular and is also being called out as the best military grade backpack out there. It can be contributed to the good quality of material used in it as well as the high standard stitching of the backpack. The sleek and sturdy MOLLE system is also a positive factor. The storage space is quite sufficient. Being able to move with the backpack is made quite easier with patented venting system.


What can we make of all these Tactical Hunting backpacks?

Well, we have gone through various things. We have discussed why tactical backpacks are important and we have also seen some differences between the normal backpacks and tactical hunting backpacks. By now we are quite clear on the importance of tactical backpacks for outdoor adventures. We have also seen some of the best choices for tactical hunting backpacks. These are not only good quality and reliable products but also quite easy on the pocket as well. However, regardless of all the features of the tactical backpacks what matters, in the end, is your taste and what backpack you prefer the most this is all that it comes down to. The list above, according to our understanding is the best of the lot. However, there are plenty of other options available in the market. Nonetheless, there is no denying the fact that these tactical hunting backpacks do hold some key features and fulfill almost all the requirements of being a good tactical backpack.

If you are to go by our opinion about choosing a tactical hunting backpack, then these are undoubtedly some of the best choices. When we talk about tactical backpacks, we are usually thinking about them to carry out to our outdoor adventures. We are often met with quite hostile and extreme terrains here which is why the material and durability of tactical backpacks is quite important. The backpacks mentioned above are all good enough to be carried for outdoor camping trips or even long hiking trips.