Tips for Successful Hog Hunting


Tips for Successful Hog Hunting

There is a variety of reason to go hog hunting. For some, it is for the mere pleasure and excitement. For others, it may be to reduce the animal’s population; an attempt to keep down damage to crops and livestock.

This kind of hunt can be a lot of fun, but it is also a very dangerous sport. Wild boar is a very aggressive animal and will attack if provoked. For this reason, there are few tips that you should keep in mind.

One of the first tips is to know the type of terrain that you’ll be conducting the hunt in. You should remember that they prefer terrain that is close to water and in proximity to thick cover. However, they tend to wander just about anywhere.

A second tip is to scout out the hunting area the day before. The reason for this is to make sure that there is Wild boar in the area. There are always some telltale signs.

When on the hunt, keep brush between you and the hog. The reason for this is to prevent the animal from seeing you. Hogs have fairly poor eyesight. However, they do have a keen sense of smell, which leads us to tip number five.

Tip number five is to use non-scented deodorants and bug sprays. If a hog catches a whiff of a scent that it is not accustomed to, it may spook.

While reaching or setting up your tree stand, never cross a path that you expect the animal to travel. Due to their keen sense of smell, they can still smell you even while wearing protective clothing such as rubber boots.

Depending on the size and type that you plan to hunt, weapon choices may vary. Always do some research and choose the right weapon.

Along with their sense of smell, their sense of hearing is extremely good, as well. Remain as silent as possible. Even the slightest sound may alert the animal.

Another tip that may prove to be helpful is to use deer feeders. There are many types of feeders that are especially useful. Trails that lead to these feeders will produce more hogs for hunting.

Knowing how to identify the different types of hogs is a necessary skill. The two types are offensive and defensive. Hogs that weighs roughly 200 pounds with large tusk are considered to be offensive. The chances of seeing this kind are rare. A defensive hog will usually weigh between 50 and 150 pounds.

Boar hunting is a sport that many states allow year round. Research your areas hunting regulations.

By way of general information is essential to wear the proper hunting equipment and have safety supplies handy at all times. Always let others know the area you will be hunting in case of an emergency.

Whether you are a new hunter or an experienced hunter, these tips you will help to make your hog hunting outings successful ones.