Top Five Deer Decoys for Deer hunters



Choosing the best deer decoys is a difficult job, especially if you are a new member of our hunting family. You need to read a lot of reviews to decide the best Top Five Deer Decoys, which make you feel proud when you start hunting. We have created This Top Five Deer Decoys review for you hunters, Which is consist of following salient features.

  • Realistic in Design, A deer decoys should look and behave as the real deer do. To be able to do this, its body has to be packed with practical features such as lifelike motions, deer scent, Best 3D design and others.
  • Durable Material, Secondly, when buying a deer decoy you need to care about decoy material, which it is made of. Is it workable in different hunting condition?
  • Portability, third thing we have considered while reviewing Top Five Deer Decoys is portability of deer decoy. Is it easy to carry in the forest, hunting point, where you have decided to setup your treestand?
  • Ease of Use in term of setting up the decoys.
  • Price comes in last because when we are talking about quality decoys, then it may be a little bit expensive, but in this Top Five Deer Decoys, we have to take care of the price of deer decoys with keeping in mind of all above-mentioned features.

1.Primos Scarface Decoy Review

Primos Scarface Decoy Review

Primos Scarface Decoy is at the top in our best Top Five Deer Decoys list; It deserves this place by having a lot of pros concerning quality, layout, extreme hunting conditions.

When decoying deer, the motion of your decoy is a critical success. All hunters understand that if they could get their decoy to maneuver, it would be more realistic and place upcoming deer at ease. After a dollar sees SCARFACE in his place, he’ll come in to investigate the intruder. Be Ready! – All of the SCARFACE-Feets parts: head, ears, antlers, and thighs fit within the soft body cavity. This makes him easy to move and cuts down on unwanted sound in the area.

Primos Scarface Decoy has incredibly realistic attributes, not forgetting its streamlined body which permits you to carry it gently into the fields. A powerful metal stake is just another thing you’re going to get from this decoy. With all the sections of the decoy fitting in its soft body cavity, its portability is taken to a whole new level.


  • Realistic 3D layout
  • High-Quality Design, If you have used any of those Primo’s hunting goods, then you understand that they constantly use exceptionally durable, powerful materials in the design phase.
  • Primos Scarface Deer Decoy is also prepared to be used in any hunting situation except in highly rainy situation. It’s been analyzed for the toughest situations and surroundings to show this truth.
  • It is possible to disassemble all of the sections of the deer decoy in the body cavity (i.e., mind, legs antennas, ears, and antennas). It makes the decoy contract into a compact size which you may carry into the woods easily.
  • Given that the body is made of soft materials, it doesn’t create undesired noises when you are carrying it out (a great one for hunters). On top of that, it is easy to slip all these parts into the body cavity for advantage carry.
  • The decoy features wind-activated tail and head movements whenever a small breeze slaps them. The movement is your best weapon in your kit.If you can get your decoy to maneuver, it would seem more realistic to an incoming deer and let him strategy with more confidence.
  • Comes with a Metallic Stake, Placement of the decoy on windy areas is not a problem anymore, due to the powerful metal stake it includes. The metal gives it an unbelievable support and capacity to oppose the temptation to fall by powerful winds.

Amazon Customers Reviews

1. This Primos Scarface Decoy gets the deer’s interest. I had many deer feel secure and strategy this decoy in my 2016 archery season. It was honestly incredible how well this worked.I would be very leery rather than use it in rifle season as it’s extremely realistic in the distance.

2. Wonderful decoy that worked great this year, particularly in the rut. I’d dollars charge my decoy on more than one occasion. I believe that by jamming all of the bits in you’re scraping off the varnish on the edge of the neck hole in the body. This occurred to the legs on my device. The carry bag is large enough that you don’t have to jam all of the bits in the body. I can set this up for a few minutes, no longer than four or five generally.

3. Primos Scarface Decoy, I recently had the opportunity to prepare the Scarface decoy close to my tree stand. It seems very realistic and is easy to prepare. As the wind picked up, I saw its head moved slightly side to side (balancing the decoy is vital for the head to influence to every side). The wind was not as powerful in ground level as up at treetop level. There is no doubt it would move even better with a stronger wind.

Dismantling it to take it out in the forests (especially while wearing a backpack & carrying a bow) & then doing the same to take it out (do not want deer to get used to it) is a PITA. However, I solved this problem by placing it down near some brush & beneath a huge burlap camo display (in my property – not overly concerned with theft).

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Xtra Gear,  Primos Wagging Whitetail Deer Decoy

Primps Wagging is additional gear to enhance yourself whitetail deer hunting efficiency. If you purchased the Primos Scarface Decoy or flambeau, you’d still need this item. The rail is necessary if you’re seeking to make the decoy as realistic as possible. Coming from the same business, the compatibility shouldn’t be a problem at all for the new user. You should simply purchase and attached it to another model and begin using it.

The job of the wagging tail would be to show some movement on the design thus making it look like a real deer. The tail can be transferred through different movement intensity so that it retains it seem realistic. You can also join it to a tree if you don’t have a deer decoy and it is going to do the job still.


  • It has a long range for using it, and It is built for the extreme conditions
  • It can be used with and without the deer decoy

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2. Flambeau Masters Doe Deer Decoy
Flambeau Masters Series Boss Buck Whitetail Deer Decoy

Flambeau Masters is the Doe Deer Decoy for the whitetail deer that you will need to hunt them classically. This is a Master collection doe decoy from Flambeau, the Master brand for searching products. One Chris Schiller has produced the decoy.This is on 2nd number in Top Five Deer Decoys.It is considered as the same decoy of the master collection, which is on number 3 in our Top Five Deer Decoys.

He is a sculptor by profession, he understands all you deer hunting requirements and makes this specific decoy meet all of them. The 100% lifelike decoy features with two sets of ears to let you set it in the submissive or alert manner, depending upon your hunting situation. The decoy is very lightweight and easy to move here and there.

Each of its body parts fit perfectly within its body cavity for convenient and easy carry into the woods. Each of the legs is securely connected to the body by a large diameter screw cap. The rear leg takes Flambeau scent pads while the front one takes the electronic deer call system. But note that these items are sold individually.

  • Greatest Resemblance Desing, This is seen where the back leg is intended to house odor pads. Front legs to are designed to take a deer call system.
    Durable Structure, The decoy is made of heavy gauge composite plastic that remains durable under regular use.
  • Effortless to Transfer This is made possible by the fact which you can disassemble all of the decay components and carry them within the body cavity. These components include the limbs, ears break, and mind.
  • Natural, life-like position projects relaxed setting. Quick and easy setup. All parts store within the body for effortless carrying.
  • Extra Features, The decoy comes with two sets of ears that will assist you to change the position of the decoy between submissive ad alert. This makes it effortless to accomplish your searching needs with the decoy.

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3.Flambeau’s Boss Buck Whitetail Deer Decoy

Flambeau Masters Series Boss Buck Whitetail Deer Decoy

Flambeau’s Masters Series Boss Buck Whitetail Deer Decoy is 3rd best deer decoy of our best top five deer decoys list. Flambeau’s Masters Series Boss Buck Whitetail Deer Decoy is still another effective buck decoy for the deer hunters who have desired to enhance their whitetail deer hunting methods. Like the rest of the decoys from the Flambeau Master Series, this buck decoy also features very realistic capabilities. What is more, it is designed by Chris Schiller, the award-winning deer hunter.


Hence, you should rest assured that all of your requirements have been addressed in this decoy. The awesome realism of the decoy is unmatched. It’s been made possible by using realistic 3D design perfectly installed on a molded durable plastic body. The decoy is also easy to transfer to your hunting places. In general, it is the surest way to tote that boss dollar now!

Features of this Flambeau Masters Series Boss Buck Whitetail Deer Decoy

  • The outer layer of the decoy is an ideal 3D work which makes it feel like a real deerskin. This skin doesn’t fade with time. It stays as tasteful as new and brings flock of deer your way.
  • The realistic soft skin we have just discussed previously is extended over a molded rugged vinyl material. The ruggedness of the material is extraordinary. It withstands all misuse without creating punctures or dents.
  • Look at its rear legs. They have been skillfully designed to take scent pads (sold separately). What about the front legs? They have also been intended skillfully to encourage Flambeau’s electronic deer call system (sold separately also).
  • Simple to Transport, The decoy slings over your shoulder for simple transport. Each of its parts also fit quickly and easily in the torso of the decoy facilitating convenient carry.

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4.  Flambeau Grazing Doe Decoy

Flambeau Grazing Doe Decoy

The Flambeau Grazing Doe Decoy seem to be dominating the list, but it’s at the 4th position of our top five deer decoys list for a good reason. In this case, you will receive a grazing deer decoy. Once looks at the decoy would make you think it’s a real deer even for a human. It just goes on to show how effective the model was designed to be great.

To help you with the moving of the decoys, the decoy just weight 15 lbs. Carrying through the woods to various places without having a lot of hassles. It’s still easy to dismantle and put them in the body cavity.

As an additional exciting feature, the manufacturer made it great for cases of windy conditions. In case you’ve used a version before that may not withstand winds, then the next time you should now choose this one.


  • This decoy is constructed with one aim in mind- ultimate precision. Its body bears a better, realistic hair detail that you can feel with your hands.
  • The decoy dimension is 44″ x 35″ x 24, ” but its weight is just 15 lbs only. This makes it extremely easy to carry into the woods. All are tars dissemble and fits inside the body cavity for easy transport.
  • Acceptable for Use in Heavy Winds, If you are used to deer decoying in windy conditions, you may have noted that most decoys are unable to withstand the strong winds. Fortunately, Flambeau Grazing Doe Decoy comes with a strong metal stake which enables it to remain unshaken by the winds.

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5.Tink’s Miss November Doe Decoy

The last number in our top five deer decoys is this Tinks miss November doe decoy. The design decoy is all about substantial performance and excellent design. Together with the high definition prints on the design, it provides a realistic design that resembles a real deer. The tail can easily influence in a mild breeze giving it that moves from a deer. As it’s an inflatable decoy, you can easily carry it in your backpack and just inflate it when required. Moving through the woods shouldn’t be an issue with such design.

How can she perform her responsibilities in the area? Her performance is exceptional! The high performance is associated with its high-quality design. The printed soft skin outer coating is set up on a durable rubber material that remains strong after years of regular use. At only a mere weight of two lbs, portability is an understatement. And remember that you could opt to put her in the breeding or standing poses, based on the hunting conditions.


  • The final result of the HD printing technologies utilized in this decoy is a gorgeous 3D image that appears exactly like a real life doe.
  • The ultra-light tail is swayed by the lightest breeze, allowing the decoy to show lifelike motions.
  • Extremely Portable, It is simple to pack this inflatable doe decoy in your backpack and take it to the woods with no difficulties. It is extremely light to carry, and its body is compact dimensions. In Addition to this, The decoy supports both bedded and standing poses that seem like those of a true life doe. They’re geared towards fulfilling your everyday hunting needs
  • Durable Body Layout, This body doesn’t have any plastic parts to bang against a brush. Its whole body is made using durable rubber material that ensures a variety of abuses.

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