Top Five Duck Calls for Duck Hunters

Top Five Duck Calls for Duck Hunters

Top Five Duck Calls for Every Duck Hunters

Trying to pick a new duck call can be an overwhelming experience, causing one to slowly go cross-eyed as you thumb through page after page of a sporting-goods catalog and read umpteen product descriptions which all sound the same. Fortunately, you don’t need to weed through the merits of dozens of calls. I have narrowed it down to Top Five Duck Calls for Duck Hunters that have served me well through the years.

A duck call denotes the procedure where a hunter can lure a duck or a different sort of waterfowl for the thing, by means of a tool designed for the purpose. Earlier, duck calls were nearly extensively wood tools, while today they’ve developed into plastic and plastic instruments as well that may be adjustable.

A duck call can entice a duck by emulating its own sound, and there are a whole lot of criteria to search for when choosing the best duck call for novices. We have a comprehensive list following the 4 recommended products, but because everyone is busy, we’ll show you what we believed the best of this lot first:

  1. Duck Commander Duck Picker

The first call of our top five duck calls list, Duck Picker is constructed for the hardcore hunter. It can be both soft and loud and is extremely versatile. It is one of the Duckman’s favorite calls.

This easy-blowing double-reed has draped around my neck for several years. It’s a terrific call for novices and has a very small learning curve. Some calls need many hours to master, but not the Duck Picker. It’s a true ducky noise and is incredibly versatile.

The Duck Commander Duck Picker Call generates an authentic duck sound to lure ducks to your hunting area. The telephone blows in wet and dry conditions in the long, medium and short selection and works in just about any terrain.

Features and Benefits

  • Produces realistic duck sounds.
  • Blows in wet and dry conditions at the long, medium and short range.
  • Works in almost any terrain.


  • Manufacturer warranty – overall: Lifetime limited
  • Product weight (ounce)) : 1.6
  • Telephone Type: Duck

What’s in the Box

  • Duck Commander Duck Picker Call

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2.Duck Commander Triple Threat

This is a triple reed duck call that’s an exceptional starter duck call. It’s constructed from a polycarbonate material which is quite durable and will last you from the very first search to the time when you become a seasoned duck hunter. Among the reasons why the Triple Threat is a perfect choice for the novice hunter is since it can successfully emulate the quack, hail, and nourish calls for a mallard hen. Mallards are extremely common across America, along with being among the most vocal species. It’s the best form of duck to search if you are a beginner. As you could spend more money on a more costly and higher end call, the Triple Threat offers you superior value.

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3.Haydel’s Dirty Rice

This double-reed call is very simple to blow off and has a nice smooth sound. What I enjoy the most about the Dirty Rice, however, is the squeal it could create at the end of a notice that imitates a hen mallard with food caught in her throat. This is my go-to telephone when I am lying in a cornfield hoping to convince a flock to make one final pass.

  • Amazon average rating of this call is five.

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4.Buck Gardner Double Nasty

The Dual Nasty from Buck Gardner is hands down the most tasteful and nice-looking duck call on this listing. You may think that Buck Gardner only invested in the appearances of this Double Nasty rather than in its true quality or efficacy, but this is not the case. It’s fully capable of an assortment of tones, both high and low, that produce a very lovely duck call. The company ensures that you could successfully draw ducks to your area using its spit technologies. If that’s still not great enough, the Dual Nasty is enormously straightforward and user-friendly. Lots of new duck hunters have been able just to pick it up and blow through it to get it working. What more could you ask for from any duck call? This ought to be on anybody’s list of the best duck call for novices.

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5.Duck Commander Camo Max

The Duck Commander Camo Max is fifth duck call in our top five duck calls list, is another fine approach in the Duck Commander lineup of mallard duck calls, but it is still different from the other versions like the Triple Threat we discussed previously. Most importantly, the Camo Max isn’t constructed from polycarbonate materials. It’s made from plastic that’s high effects. Additionally, it produces a uniquely smoother call via its dual reed design. As the name implies, the Camo Max has a camouflage appearance. This will immediately win over duck hunters who want their phone to coincide with their camouflage clothing and shotgun also. Overall, the Camo Max is a durable call that is extremely simple to use and can be mastered without much work.

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