Top Ten Deer Hunting Apps for Android

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Top Ten Deer Hunting Apps for every hunter

Today’s world is smartphone world. The smartphone will help you in every field of life. These Top Ten Deer Hunting Apps for smartphone makes your hunt a lot easier. It will help you from navigation to trace your hunt and from jungle to your home.

1. OnXMaps Hunt

This program turns your Android or iPhone apparatus into a property identification system. Check owner names and private and public boundaries.

Free with the program comes the ability to view hunting unit layers, game management units, maps with topography, streets, rivers, and lakes, using GPS, waypoints, and icons for navigation, such as to your car, camp, lookouts, and blinds.

You may use pictures you take to create waypoints for scratches, rubs, wallows, and sightings.


2.SAS Survival Guide

This premium app offers useful information that will assist you to survive in any circumstance. Written by a SAS soldier, it’s full of training techniques employed by Britain’s elite fighters. The survival skills detailed in the program cover the Earth, from the mountaintop of Kilimanjaro to the Kandahar desert, while still being used in your close-by national park.

Included are 16 videos, picture galleries of animal tracks, knots, plants that are edible, medicinal or poisonous, kinds of sea animals and snakes. It’s a device to indicate Morse code, a checklist, sun compass and ideas for extreme climate survival in the polar, tropical, sea or desert areas. The first aid section is particularly valuable.

HuntForce is a top trail camera management tool which aims to organize your whole fleet of course cameras and all of the pictures that you collect. Within the app, you’ll be able to pin each camera location in your house, keep notes on each, and label photos accordingly.

You can remove the hassle of trying to sift through photos on your computer by uploading all of your photographs in the HuntForce system and selecting only the ones you care about to be added to your profile. As time passes, HuntForce will permit you to track certain animals, and finally, enable you to the pattern and harvest your target dollars.

However, HuntForce isn’t a mobile app, though you may use it on a desk or telephone through your mobile web browser.

DeerLab is extremely like HuntForce, so you are able to organize and monitor all of your trail cameras in one handy location. DeerLab permits you to tracks and pattern specific animals, even giving them unique names. The app would like you to learn that which treestand you need to climb, and when, to have the ideal opportunity to take that particular deer.

On your DeerLab accounts, you can filter through your library of photographs by date, land, camera, weather conditions, and much more. You could even create albums to share with your friends and loved ones.

5. Deer Calls and Techniques

This program has one of a comprehensive library of deer calls and calls available to assist you to take advantage of every searching trip.Tactics provide tips and strategies for the 12 best deer noises, such as contact call, aggressive grunt call, doe bleat, doe estrus bleat, breeding bellow, buck grunt, buck bawl, tending grunt, tending click-grunt, snort-wheeze, sparring, and rattling.It provides notes and descriptions of rut stages, strategies, and tips for all the steps, evaluations for solunar times and a lunar calendar.

6.Act In Nature Hunting

Act In Nature provides three essentials for the serious hunter. It’s mapping, tracking, and surfing capacity. Before you begin, it can help you prepare hunting zones and areas of interest like feeding stains or foxholes.

It offers full moon and sun phase info and weather predictions, all of which you may share with other hunters. It permits you to navigate by POIs, compass or space circle in addition to detect positions, speed, and directions of other seekers. You may record your expertise in a personal journal, or place video and images from the gallery for others to view.

7.Whitetail Freaks Property Management

This app lets you mark your property lines, pin your trail camera, treestand, and food plot locations.You can handle hundreds of properties, if you select, and arrange each with your custom title, and your notes. Serious hunters will find this program to be an organizational savior.

Use the map and overlay filters to find every trial camera on your premises, quickly and economically. Never lose another trail camera again. It’s like your assistant you can take with you on your pack.

8. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is one of the best weather forecasting apps for both Android and iTunes.The hourly forecasts, seven-day predictions, and notably the radar, are very helpful for planning your searches, in addition to monitoring the present conditions.Also, the severe weather alerts are useful for hunters that are out in the field, and advanced notice of having to pack up and head in is always a good thing.

9. Google Earth

Google Earth is a hugely popular program that lets you explore any place on the whole world, with just your fingers.For hunters, this is exciting as it’s possible to get close up details of the terrain and features of your hunting land. Other apps are using topographical maps and satellite imagery, but Google Earth is the standard for 3D terrain visualization of searching the property. Use it to determine natural funnels, creeks, marshes, ridges, and much more.

10. HuntStand

The Hunt Stand is the last app of our Top Ten Deer Hunting Apps, is a hunting property management tool which works whether or not you get a mobile signal. The patent pending “Hunt Zone” tools can compute your odor zone based on wind direction, speed, distance, and time.

You’re able to completely map out your hunting property and utilize some of the 40+ icons to highlight areas of interest, such as trail cameras, tree stands, feeder, and whatever else is important to you. Along with this, you can measure distance and area to acquire accurate data on your own land.