Tufted Duck Identification , Life History


Tufted Duck

General Description: The tufted duck is a medium-sized diving duck, smaller than a mallard. It’s black on the top, neck, breast and back and white on the perimeters. It has a small crest and a yellow eye. In flight, it shows an apparent white stripe throughout the back of the wing. It breeds within the UK throughout lowland areas of England, Scotland and Eire, however much less generally in Wales, with most birds being residents. Numbers enhance within the UK in winter due to birds moving to the UK from Iceland and northern Europe.

Male Tufted Duck: Male tufted ducks intently resemble their counterparts, ring-necked ducks. The precept difference is the tuft of feathers that fall behind the head. Apart from, the perimeters are white reasonably than grey, and the bill lacks a white margin on the base and in flight a white stripe in the back of the inner wing is displayed.

Female Tufted Duck: The female tufted duck is analogous in look too feminine scaup, however, is black-brown with a smaller patch of white at the base of the invoice. In the back of the top, there’s a small protuberance of feathers, which is way lower than the males.

Tufted Duck